EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – The Columbia County Board of Commissioners voted 4-1 on Tuesday night to revoke Stay Social Tap and Table’s alcohol license.

The board said that Stay Social did not comply with a county ordinance that deems food sales have to be 50% or more of a business’s sales in order to for it to serve alcohol.

According to a statement from the owner of Stay Social Tap and Table, its food sales as of July were at 47.7%.

“Hate to have a hopefully thriving business that is doing good and is popular get closed down just because of that,” said Ronald Desalles, a regular customer at the restaurant.

Five days ago, the owner of Stay Social posted on the business’s Facebook account asking for help from community members.

The post read, in part, “Columbia County wants to take our alcohol license even though we have exceeded our 50% food sales goals for our first full year in business, and are on target to exceed that upon completion of our second.”

It went on to read that, “CC has chosen to proceed with alcohol license revocation based on our sales figures starting from our mid-Covid opening in August 2020… and extending through August 2021. Other restaurants are subject to calendar year reviews as outlined in the county’s licensing ordinance. Why are we different?”

“I would think with all the building that they’re doing here they would be happy to have a thriving business,” Desalles said. “It’s no way to treat a new group of people.”

The Board of Commissioners released a statement following their decision that reads, in part, “The Commission feels strongly about local businesses following County Ordinances, and unfortunately, this particular business was not in compliance with the county’s local alcohol ordinance.”

Customers that said they didn’t think this was fair, and they’re worried about the business’s future.

“I hope that they get a warning and that they get a second chance,” said Bob Bero. “They have very good food and a good staff, and they deserve a second chance. They never got a warning. I think that’s wrong.”

Stay Social’s owner and the Board of Commissioners declined to speak on what the next steps are.