CSRA schools housing Dorian evacuees out of Savannah


Red Cross and other volunteers could be seen walking in and out of Butler High School, the first shelter Augusta EMA opened for people who could not self-evacuate from Chatham County. They are assisting roughly 300 people who came rolling in on buses from Savannah early Tuesday afternoon.

More buses with people arrived and were taken to a third shelter at Glenn Hills High School. Some were taken to Westside High School after it was determined they had medical needs.

All of them will need essentials during their stay.

NewsChannel 6’s Wes Cooper spoke with Augusta Fire Chief Christopher James during a morning briefing . Chief James told him talks are ongoing with “…both Chatham County and GEMA. We’re letting them know what we need so we can do a good job of taking care of their citizens.”

And hopefully, it is a good job indeed as everything from adult diapers to toilet tissue came pouring into the Old Fire Station from Augustans willing to give.

Frank Brinson is one of a few people who came to the Old Fire Station on Central Avenue to donate items just after noon Tuesday.

“That’s the kind of person I am. I donate all the time,” he shared.

Brinson donated baby wipes after the call went out for packs of baby diapers, pull ups and even books, games and toys for children. Adults needed disposable undergarments too.

“We might be the ones in need,” Brinson said of the future. “So, we hope that they would do the same thing for us. Show love to others like we’re going to show towards them.”

Diane Davies arrived just before Brinson to give too.

“My father passed away two weeks ago and we had the stuff. When the hurricane developed and the call came out I talked to my mom and I said let’s take it there,” she said with a smile.

Davies was looking for someone to share her late dad’s adult diapers with and now, those who left the threat of Hurricane Dorian will be secured, something Davies knows all too well.

She added, “I grew up in Mississippi on the gulf coast so hurricanes were a way of life. It’s hard when it happens.”

So far 856 evacuees are here. Another call for donations came out Tuesday for pillows, batteries and diabetic supplies.

The Old Fire Station is located at 2163 Central Avenue.


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – 300 evacuees are on their way to the garden city from Savannah.

Officials tell us the evacuees are on their way to Butler High School. These are folks who could not self-evacuate.

We’re told that if the gyms at Butler reach capacity, the rest will be taken to Glenn Hills High School. If that school reaches capacity, Glenn Hills Middle is next.

The Red Cross will be on hand to assess those coming in. If any individual is in need of medical services, they will be taken to Westside High.

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