AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – An upcoming community event will help women in the planning, pregnancy and postpartum phases of life. Infertility, access to care while pregnant and postpartum depression. These are the issues many women face when trying to expand their families. But the CSRA Perinatal Expo will be the place to get help with everything you need to know.

“So, I get the pleasure of doing baby university,” Augusta Women’s Health and Wellness OB/GYN Dr. Donna Adams-Pickett told us.

She is one of many medical experts and patients gearing up for the CSRA Perinatal Expo. The event, held next weekend at the Kroc Center, will cover everything you need to know from fertility and beyond.

“You get lots of information and at the end of this university instead of getting a diploma, we give you a human,” Dr. Adams-Pickett said. :So, I’m going to talk about all the things you need to know to ensure that you’re collaborating with your physician in a way so that you can do the best for your pregnancy.”

Dr. Adams-Pickett added her goal is to ensure that mothers leave with a voice, feeling empowered while talking with doctors. She will be on a panel that will conclude with break out sessions and wrap up with lots of vendors and tons of giveaways.

Augusta University’s Dr. Marlo Vernon will join the cast of people sharing maternal help tips all for free. She’s hoping moms who live in rural areas can find help.

“A mom who lives in Burke County might have to drive an hour to get to her appointment,” said Dr. Vernon, an Associate Professor. “But what I hope comes out of this is that moms are able to connect with resources in their communities, not just in Richmond County or Columbia County.”

One resource Dr. Vernon created is vidaRPM, a pregnancy and postpartum remote monitoring system that tracks pre-eclampsia and depression. She’s urging parents to come and learn more and secure resources that will help them along the journey.

Dr. Vernon added, “With COVID, moms have not had a lot of opportunities to come together to access resources and a community to learn about what is out there. To receive education, to receive those freebies that are fun to get.”

The CSRA Perinatal Expo takes place on Saturday, October 7 from 10 a.m. until noon at the Kroc Center in Augusta. It is free and there will be tons of giveaways too.

Remember the Finding Hope-Fertility Freedom special Barclay Bishop and Renetta DuBose brought you a few months ago? They will be presenting their stories at this expo.