Where is Dee Griffin?

AUGUSTA (WJBF) - "I'm good! I'm good. I'm getting better. I'm on the mend. I'm over the shock."

NewsChannel 6 anchor Dee Griffin has been absent from the desk at 5:30, 7 and 10pm for the past month while she recovers from a freak accident she suffered on December 15th. 

"I'm thinking I'll run and get gas while we're running errands," she said. "And I put the nozzle, the gas nozzle, and I thought, 'Well, my son has a couple of plastic cups in the back seat so I'll grab those and put them in the garbage can'. Everybody does that! I stepped over the hose, something else a lot of people will do. I stepped over the hose and suddenly my foot slipped on some water because there was a small puddle there which I didn't know until afterward. But I slipped on some water and I was trying to catch my balance and my left leg got caught up in the hose and I went down."

That night she posted her diagnosis on Facebook: Three breaks. Surgery within the week. 

"I just knew I couldn't get up," she said. "And when I saw my foot. When I was rolling and saw my foot was going the other way I knew something bad happened."

Unable to drive or walk without the help of a scooter, the month since has largely been spent at home, though she has been able to venture out a few times recently with the the help of family and friends. 

"It's been hard. It's been painful especially because I'm up all hours of the middle of the night because of all the pain but I'm so appreciative of all the support. It's been really hard. I have a new appreciation for people with disablities. I always had empathy and sympathy, but now I have a new appreciation for not being able to get out."

One thing that has kept her spirits up this past month, messages and well wishes. Many of them from people she's never even met. 

"They'll see me on Facebook and they'll inbox me when I've been in tears over this having a 'why me?' moment and they'll inbox me and say, 'Hey, just thinking about you? Are you okay? We miss seeing you but just wanted to check on you.' I don't know these people, but I'm so appreciative."

Dee is still hoping to find and thank a mystery good samaritan named Brent who helped her out that day. She says he stayed with her the whole time until an ambulance arrived. All she knows about him is that he was driving a gray Dodge Charger with South Carolina plates and an Atlanta Falcons frame.

If anyone knows who he might be, e-mail Dee at dgriffin@wjbf.com. 

She hopes to return to WJBF next week. 

To watch our complete conversation with Dee about her accident, recovery and prognosis click on the video above. 


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