Vote with ease in the 2018 November election

Augusta, GA (WJBF) - The deadline to register to vote in the 2018 November election is Tuesday October 9th.


If you want to register in person, the deadline is 5PM at your county’s Board of Elections headquarters.


CLICK HERE to register online. The deadline is 11:59PM if you register online.


You can also download an app to receive voter information on your phone. Search “GA SOS” in your app store. You can register through the app and also learn which one is your poling location.  


Even if you cannot make it to a polling location, you should still register to vote. Richmond County Board of Election Director Lynn Bailey says they will mail you a ballot so you can cast your vote from home.


In the state of Georgia one can have a ballot mailed to their home without having to have a reason,” Bailey explains. “Even in South Carolina, you can vote by mail, but you have to have a reason… You write in. You ask for it. We’ll mail it to you. You vote it. Put a stamp on it. Put it back in your mailbox and it’s delivered back to us.”


Bailey says they have already mailed out roughly 40,000 ballots.


“Which is probably 40% ahead of where we would be at this point in the process even for a presidential election year so lots of enthusiasm, lots of activity,” Bailey says.


Nancy Gay, Columbia County’s Board of Elections director says they have been busy also.


“Absentee has almost surpassed what we did in 2014, which is a mirror election so that’s what we kind of compare our statistics to,” Gay says.


This year, Richmond County has a new service for disabled voters who are eligible to ride paratransit.


“They can get picked up at their home and taken to their polling place or para transit will go to any bus stop in the city and take you to your polling place and it is for regular bus fare so it’s not the accelerated fee that paratransit riders would have to normally pay,” Bailey says.


The ballot in Georgia this November is diverse so the Board of Elections recommends that you get a sample ballot either from their office or online. They suggest you review the ballot before you vote so that you are not looking at it for the first time when you step into the booth.


Election Day is Tuesday November 6th. Early voting starts October 15th and runs through November 2nd.

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