U.S. Army celebrates 243rd birthday

FORT GORDON, Ga. (WJBF) - On Thursday, Fort Gordon celebrated the Army's 243rd birthday.

The festivities got started just after sunrise. 

One by one service members at Fort Gordon filled the streets for a post-wide run to celebrate the US Army. 

"The Army means a lot to us as a family since we're all in the Army. We've been on Fort Gordon a little over a year now and it's just great to get together and celebrate the Army they have done so much for us as a family."

Jessica Buck along with her husband has served in the U.S. Army for over 15 years and says it's provided them with a life they can be proud of. 

"It provides an opportunity for us as a family to see the world to serve in the Army I'm a legal administrator so I love what I do"

Proudly holding their guidons to represent their units, soldiers celebrated 243 years of dedication and sacrifice for our country. 

"Historically we do this throughout the army on the Army's birthday  We like to get everybody together just to bring together comraderies build morale and really it's not about the Army but the team at Fort Gordon."

Carlos Simmons, Command Sergeant Major of the Cyber Center of Excellence says his love for the post started well before he arrived. 

"I can tell you my sister served here at Fort Gordon well prior to me being here so I knew Fort Gordon was a great place to serve."

He says the rich history that Fort Gordon provides has made an immeasurable impact on the community. 

"I can't put a cap on the number of people that we have locally that has some type of indirect or direct affiliation with Fort Gordon, but I'll tell you as a community Fort Gordon is part of Augusta so we don't consider ourselves separate, we consider ourselves part of Augusta." 

And its the surrounding community that Simmons says makes his sacrifice well worth it. 

"Our local citizens provide the support that we need in order to do our jobs without the people the military really doesn't serve a purpose."


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