Taking care of problem trees before a storm comes

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - Hal Trotter spent his Friday watching crews take down a pine tree in his backyard.The storm caused a split in the tree.He says if it would have gone any higher, his family would be looking for a new place to stay.

"God was looking out for us when the tree did not fall over even with all the wind that we had yesterday," says Trotter.

The owner of the tree company noticed the tree was leaning right over Hal's house and told him about it.
Hal says he didn't pay any attention until the split was pointed out.

"When I walked back there and saw the split in it, it was ready to go into his house," says Russ Marshall owner of Stallion Tree Service.

Marshall's crew spent the day cutting down the tree branch by branch.  
they even had to tie the tree to a separate tree to stabilize it.

"I tell people all the time especially in a season like this where we have hurricanes or bad storms is go out and look at your trees. A lot of people just don't even notice."

He says when we see a storm like Michael, homeowners need to be concerned about their trees.
Most wait until after the damage has been done, but a project like this can cost thousands of dollars.
The trotters say they didn't want to push their luck any further and had the tree removed no matter the price.

"It will eventually fall through the house if we don't do something"

He's just thankful  and blessed that after the tree split it did not fall on to his house.

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