Streetlight fee increase not a done deal

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - Changing city policy to allow for street light fees to go up has been approved, but this isn't a done deal.

Mayor Hardie Davis was forced to break a five to five tie granting permission to allow changes to the city street light code for a fee increase.

But city leaders must still approve a fee increase. Four options are on the table, but some commissioners say they would rather see costs cut.

"We have an agreement with Georgia Power, Jefferson Electric...let's see if we can negotiate from there to get our fees lowered. By increasing everything $100 dollar per residentm $150 dollars per commercialm that affects every citizen," says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle. 

Right now, streetlight fees come up hundreds of thousands of dollars short of what is needed to cover the costs of running the program. Leaving a more than one point two million dollar hole in the street light budget.

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