Stormwater fees needed for creek cleanups

Augusta Commissioners talk storm water fees.

Commissioners held a work session on the program Tuesday afternoon. 

This after Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle said people in the rural areas should be exempt from the fee because they don't get the same service.

But city engineers say four Augusta Creeks are not in compliance with state water quality regulations and that storm water money is needed to help the city clean them up 

"The rural area has one of the impairments. Spirit Creek runs through District 8 that is one of the creeks that requires a reduction in sediment and, as they mentioned, the growth is really going down that area," said Oscar Flite, Augusta's Stormwater Services Manager. 

Flite says the cost of the city's storm water maintenance program is about 15 million dollars. He says without the storm water fee there are  no funds to cover those costs. 

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