Stacey Abrams returns to Augusta

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - Stacey Abrams returned to Augusta to discuss her plan on increasing veteran employment in Georgia. 

Dozens of people came to the women's veteran club expressing what they would like her to do if elected.

In two months Georgians will choose a governor. Candidate Stacey Abrams stopped in the CSRA again, this time to make her push for governor.

Abrams says she came to Augusta to speak directly to the those who served our country.  

"I want to make sure the transition from service to career or school means we are giving credit for those who have already done good work," said Abrams. "Also making sure they find jobs or access to education."

The Democratic nominee spoke about her policy plan including veteran hiring, protecting military families and ending veteran homelessness. Topics one supporter is glad Abrams addressed. 

"I'm staying with my daughter, her husband, and their five children," said retired veteran, Sarah. "It's wonderful, I love my grandchildren, but I need a place to stay."

As the race for governor continues to heat up, emotions ran high for a moment.

"You're calling for the destruction of U.S. public law," said a protester. "Let that be on record ma'am, that's what you're calling for."

That opinion didn't stop her from answering other questions at the women's veteran club.

Abrams says her primary goal is to make it possible for veterans to be able to thrive right here in Georgia.

"We have to recognize that if we ask people to move from state to state; if we don't have a job available for their spouse, it's out responsibility to think about that," explained Abrams.

Other politicians came to support Abrams such as Ga.12 district nominee, Francys Johnson and former Augusta Commissioner, Bill Lockett.

Election day for Georgia is in November. 


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