SPECIAL ELECTION TUESDAY: Winner Announced in Richmond County District 7 School Board Seat


The results are in from Tuesday's runoff election in Richmond County. 

Charlie Walker will represent District 7 on the school board.

He was the clear winner with 725 votes, that's 68% of the unofficial total. 

His opponent, Melvin Brown, received 344 votes. 

Walker will finish the term of former board member Frank Dolan who resigned. 


This Tuesday, voters decide who will represent them in Richmond County's 7th school district. A special election takes place with two candidates running for the position: Melvin Brown and Charlie Walker. 

"If it needs to be done, he'll do it. He's honest, he's a southern gentleman, and he is a friend," Tripp Bowden said of candidate Charlie Walker. 

"He's a leader. He loves kids-- his kids are sweet," Connie Peterson said of candidate Melvin Brown.

Both Tripp Brown and Connie Peterson will make their way to Tuesday's special election to cast their votes: Each showing their support with signs in their yards.

Running for an elected position is a first for candidates Charlie Walker and Melvin Brown.

Tripp Bowden tells us he has known Walker for years. I asked him why Walker wants to lead Richmond County School District.

"Knowing Charlie, it is to make a difference and to stand for what he believes in. You don't meet many people in life who actually say there needs to be a change or 'I believe in this' and actually take action to do something about it," Bowden told NewsChannel 6. 

Peterson said she has known Brown for several years-- both live in the same neighborhood. 

"He was the president of our homeowner association, and he did a fabulous job in leadership," Brown explained. 

But none other than Brown himself can tell you why he is the best fit for the job: "It's not really about me, it's about the kids. I think education starts in the home."

Growing up in Richmond County schools, he has a passion for our area kids. He wants test scores and the district's graduation rate to continue to rise.  

"There are a lot of programs out there, statewide that we are not taking advantage of, that we should be taking advantage of," Brown told us.  

Walker was not available to meet Sunday, but he said on a phone interview that as a parent with kids in the district's schools, he sees first-hand what teachers need: support from students' families. 

He also told us he has a willingness to serve the next generation tax payers and is excited to see the influx of students Cyber brings to the Garden City. 
He concluded: "If elected, I promise to serve not only district 7, but the entire county."

District 7 residents: The polls open Tuesday morning at 7 and close at 7 that night. Make sure you report to your home precinct and bring one form of identification. 

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