South Carolina voters weigh-in on controversial ballot referendums

Aiken, South Carolina - Residents in South Carolina will be casting their votes today for the states primary election. When casting your vote today, whether you vote Democrat or Republican there will also be a few referendums on the ballot. For Democrats, a controversial referendum will ask voters if they support the legalization of marijuana. 

Earlier this year a bill that would legalize medical marijuana went in front of the South Carolina Senate. 
 It would legalize it for medical conditions that range from cancer to PTSD and even include children diagnosed with Autism.
There have been many groups that oppose the legislation such as the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division who has expressed concerns regarding regulation. 

Some residents are split on the issue but many agree that having access could save lives. 

"I believe that it should be legalized for people who need it medically. The medicinal uses are amazing It helps people with epilepsy and I have fibromyalgia," says South Carolina resident Trudie Burbage. 

Some also argue there would be a spike in abuse if it becomes legal. 

"You're going to have abuse no matter what medicines are out there. They should have stricter guidelines on who gets it where not everybody can get it," Burbage says. 

Another question for Democratic voters will be whether or not the state should accept federal money to expand Medicaid. To view a sample ballot including the referendums for both parties you can visit: SC Votes

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