Burke County Sheriff's office using new techniques to reduce bad driving behavior

Burke County, Ga. (WJBF) - Open roads give some drivers temptation for putting the pedal to the metal. Burke County's Sheriff's office is taking a different approach to ensure drivers otherwise.

Since the beginning of April, Burke County Sheriff's Office has handed out 496 citations to drivers. The Sheriff hopes this will finally get the message across that his office means business.

Sheriff Alonzo Williams tells us, the BCSO is revamping its traffic protocol because of the high number of injuries and fatalities in the past year.

"We're serious about it," said Sheriff Williams. "We put it in the newspaper, we teamed up with [Plant] Vogtle. They sent out emails to all of their employees, we called the unions to put the word out. After having that campaign go on for a few weeks we then decided to bring in that enforcement."

The Sheriff says 97% of those citations were for speeding and running stop signs. While the other three percent is for an equipment violation. 

He says since deputies started writing more tickets, he's seen drivers slow down and obey traffic laws. 
The sheriff's office has taken other measures to get drivers to abide by the law.

Deputies have placed old wrecked cars around the area to show what could happen if you're distracted while driving. Burke County reports there have been 12 fatalities in the past year.

"12 fatalities is just unacceptable," the Sheriff explained. "So we called in the Governor's Office of Highway Safety and asked them to come in and help us with enforcement."

The BCSO will receive more than $200,000 in grants to provide equipment for traffic enforcement.
The main portion of the grant will go towards two patrol cars, that will solely focus on traffic patrol.Sheriff Williams says his office will receive the grant soon.

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