Senator Cory Booker visits the CSRA

DENMARK, S.C. (WJBF) - New Jersey Democratic Senator and presidential hopeful Cory Booker jumped on the campaign trail in South Carolina.

Dr. Jose Rivera of the South Carolina Commission of Minority Affairs said, "I like his platform. I like what he represents. My only concern is can he do it."

"I believe that across this country right now people are experiencing common pain but have lost that sense of common purpose," added Sen. Booker.

Sen. Booker's stop at Voorhees College was part of the "South Carolina Rise" tour. He started off his speech by talking about his upbringing. Then continued speaking about the issues many Americans face.

"That social security check they get is not going far enough to give them security. We know there's a lot of common pain in this country because folks are having difficulty accessing healthcare. We know there are people who put aside life-saving drugs because they can't afford them," said Sen. Booker.

Health care issues and others hit home with Dr. Rivera.

He explained, "I deal with health issues and a lot of the health issues I deal with are people that come in that are not documented so we need to do something about immigration. We need to do something about the people who have been here 10, 15 years that have no documentation. They need health care. They need basic needs. It's really not a Democratic or Republican issue. It's a life issue."

Following Sen. Booker's speech, he held a panel discussion with three other people who are involved in the Bamberg County area. They addressed mostly healthcare issues.

"When you move a hospital out of a community, you move jobs out of the community. Local, state and federal should be working together in union to deal with a lot of these challenges," said Sen. Booker.

Dr. Rivera added, "I think the other thing that I like what Cory does is that you can have all the policies you want but have to be able to implement that policy all the way down to the average American."

Currently, there are nine confirmed Democrats eyeing the coveted presidential nomination for 2020. Election Day is on November third.

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