SC Gov. candidate Warren endorsed by Templeton, Bryant

AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) — South Carolina businessman John Warren received a major boost Thursday in his quest to be the next governor of South Carolina. 



South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Kevin Bryant and former public health chief and gubernatorial candidate Catherine Templeton made several stops across the Palmetto State including in Aiken County promoting the change from business as usual in Columbia that they feel is needed — saying that change is John Warren. 

Both Templeton and Warren ran their respective campaigns as "outsiders" without experience in elected politics — with Warren never being involved in politics at all.

Lieutenant Governor Bryant says Warren’s solid opposition to abortion makes him the right choice. "John supports constitutional carry, person-hood, defunding planned parenthood, and deregulating the tremendous amount of regulations that we have on small businesses," Bryant told NewsChannel 6 during a news conference at the Aiken Municipal Airport.

"After sitting down with John Warren, asking him all the hard questions, turning over every rock and looking under the hood, I know for sure John Warren is the man that we want to lead the State of South Carolina into the future," Templeton said.

In addition to Aiken, Bryant, Warren, and Templeton made stops in Columbia, Hilton Head, and Anderson. 

In Tuesday's GOP Primary, Templeton and Warren together received 56 percent of the vote forming a runoff against current Governor Henry McMaster.

Warren finished second. 

Meanwhile, McMaster and Warren will debate next week in Newberry.  

The winner faces democratic Representative James Smith in November. 

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