Richmond County hit with storm damage, quickly fixed

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - - Local fire and utility workers quickly responded to spotted damages reported throughout Richmond County.  Those damages took place just a few hours after Tropical Storm Michael hit the River Region.  NewsChannel 6 spent the morning driving throughout Richmond County in the storm.  During that time we found the big three: flooding, trees down and power outages.  

On Ingleside Drive, near Augusta National Golf Club, we found Rae's Creek moving pretty fast and coming out of its banks.

Evelyn DeVaughn is one of many people who stopped by to take pictures. 

"The water is coming down and hitting Berckmans Road bridge and it almost looks like the ocean.  You see the pictures of the waves coming in and hitting some of the piers and it looks like its almost going to wash the bridge away," she explained. 

A raging Rae's Creek, a toppled business sign, swinging traffic lights and a massive tree covered road knocking down power lines. Tropical Storm Michael had his way across Richmond County.

We started on the 1700 block of Pine Tree Rd and Holly Hill Road.  That's near Pendleton King Park.  We responded to a power line down and from what we could see, it sparked a fire.  

Just a few hours after the storm hit the NewsChannel 6 viewing area, the damages began.  Rain swept through Augusta during early morning hours with sporadic wind gusts, knocking out stoplights, flooding parking lots and bringing down more and more trees. Some people were unlucky.  Others hit the jackpot. 

DeVaughn added, "We survived pretty well. We did not have any power outages, but in our neighborhood, five power lines are buried.  We had a couple trees down in the neighborhood.  Nothing at our house."

And along with the damages from the storm came quick responses from Georgia Power crews and Augusta-Richmond County workers. 

"People were saying I was without power for 15 minutes or it was an hour maybe," said DeVaughn.

In the coming days, we'll check and see how things are looking.  We will continue to follow the damages and how quickly the city is responding to fix them.  

Photojournalist: Gary Hipps

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