Regency Mall grinding work stopped

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - Augusta officials want to know what's going on at Regency Mall. 

Tons and tons of asphalt have been removed from the old shopping center's parking lot over the last month.

The work is to reduce the property owners more than $7000 dollar a month storm water fee.

But some commissioners don't like what they seeing at the mall.

"Well I think it's kind of tacky, I just think it's tacky," said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

"Should they be allowed to do that?"

"I mean it's their property," said Commissioner Fennoy. 

It may be their property but the grinding work is now on hold. 

The city has posted a stop work order at mall property. 

The order says the contractor is in violation of  its permits for sediment and erosion control.

The order says the contractor has until the 18th of December of fix the issues. 

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