Rain, wind from Florence enters Aiken; shoppers continuing to shop

AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) - The remnants of Tropical Storm Florence is making its way to the CSRA.

"This might be my third one since I've been here," Vicki Glinsman told NewsChannel 6's Shawn Cabbagestalk when asked if she has ever experienced a tropical system.

She's enjoying dinner with a friend in Aiken's shopping district. The remnants of Florence not stopping those from doing what they normally do. 

"You get wind and you get rain here," Glinsman added.

That wind and rain are what you can expect Saturday night.

"There could be power outages," Aiken's City Manager Stuart Bedenbaugh said.

There are outages. SCE&G is showing the largest number of outages in our area.

Saturday evening several areas starting seeing ponding issues. 

"I feel like we are inland enough," Glinsman said.

Officials are asking you if you encounter standing water turn around and don't drown.

"Our public safety has stagged some barricades in place in portions of our city that is prone to flooding," Bedenbaugh added.

Aiken is known for not only its horses but it's trees as well especially the ones that line South Boundary. City officials are making sure personnel is available should trees become an issue.

"They have staff on call to address any incidents of downed trees blocking roadways," Bedenbaugh added.

Storm drains have already been taken care of.  Crews "cleaned out a lot of our storm drains in advance of the storm to minimize flooding," Bedenbaugh said.

Shoppers aren't concerned about any problems with the storm. "They really haven't affected too much," Glinsman said.

She's thankful she's not on the coast. "It's nothing like what you see on the shore on the coast," she added.

If you are experiencing a power outage, here are the numbers you need to know to contact your utility company.

SCE&G: 1-888-333-4465 
Aiken Electric: Call or Text "OUT" to 877-264-5368
Little River Electric: 864-391-3480 (McCormick)
Edisto Electric: 1-800-433-3292

If you have any damage reports, please send pictures/video, if safe. Also, let me know the location and time of the damage. 

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