People of Taliaferro County question law enforcement after two officers were arrested

CRAWFORDVILLE, Ga. (WJBF) - Crawfordville is a town with fewer than 2000 people, many who did not want to comment about the arrests. But one man spoke to us, and said he was shocked when he found out the news on social media. 

"How can y'all be protecting us when you're out on vacation smoking weed?" Kendarius Ruff, who has lived in Crawfordville his entire life, told NewsChannel 6.

He explained he is now skeptical about the law enforcement in his hometown.

"They come around here harassing us, but on their vacation, they get geeked up," Ruff said.

According to the Gulf Shores, Alabama Police Department, someone called to complain about former Chief Deputy Marcus Greene and Lieutenant Marcus "Conrad" Richards of the Taliaferro County Sheriffs' Office.

The incident report states it all started when a caller saw one of the men urinating in a public parking lot. That's when Gulf Shores officers pulled up on the two and found partially smoked marijuana on their unmarked patrol truck. 

Officers then searched the vehicle and found 12 grams of marijuana stored in a jar. Richards and Greene were both arrested on second-degree marijuana charges. 

Ruff told us the Taliaferro Sherriff's Office needs to make changes, especially since Richards is the Sheriff's son.

"They give everybody else drug tests, why don't they give the sheriff and deputies drug tests?" Ruff asked.

After spending the night in jail, Greene and Richards were both released on bond Sunday. They have since resigned from their jobs.

"I don't think they should be able to be a sheriff anymore or a deputy. You are getting caught with weed, then arresting people with weed... I don't really understand that," Ruff told us.

Tia McWilliams has since been appointed as the county's new chief deputy. Neither she nor Sheriff Richards would comment on the arrests. 

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