People demand answers from city leaders after five shootings in one week

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - People are outraged about the constant shootings happening in the CSRA. 

Anthony Sowell and Brittany Ware are just a few who are making a difference in South Augusta.

They say now is the time for our elected city leaders to step up and do something about the recent gun violence. 

"I don't understand how a 15-year-old can gets killed in the middle street, and I'm watching the news every day waiting for the police department to say; we are investigating this, we are following these leads," said Sowell. "I haven't heard anything."

Richmond County Sheriff's Office responded to five shootings in Augusta in June.

Now the people of the Garden City are outraged with the violence happening all before summer.

Band of Brothers member, Anthony Sowell says young people get in trouble because they have nothing to do in the summer. 

"I like to see more programs in the summertime because as you can see, schools got out and now we have these problems," explained Sowell.

On Sunday night Mishon Robison was shot and killed on Alpine Rd. Monday night Alphonso Hornsby was shot and killed on Rolling Meadows Dr.

Tuesday a mother was shot through her house with her kids inside.

Thursday night Richmond County deputies responded to a shooting on Barton Chapel Rd.

And Saturday, Richmond County Sheriff's Office confirmed gunshots fired on Richmond Hill Rd.

Brittany Ware says she reached out to her city leaders to end the violence. No one has responded.

"We need you here, explained Ware. "We need you on the streets, working with us to stop things. If you're not here, then why did we vote for you?

Ware organized a walk on July 15th on the Riverwalk in Downtown Augusta.

The event is called "Take Our Black Back." Sowell and the Band of Brothers will host "JuneTeenth" this Father's Day.

Both Ware and Sowell say they want their city leaders to speak on the behalf of the shootings because the violence in Augusta needs to end.

"We definitely need them, and we are you guys?" said Ware. "Are you guys not going to say anything back to this?"

"We have people that are willing to volunteer time, what kind of resources can you get us?" said Sowell. "So we can put programs together."

Ware and Sowell encourage more people to step up to guide our youth.

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