Honoring National K-9 Veterans Day

Plum Branch, SC (WJBF) - March 13th is more than just a random Tuesday in 2018.  Its a day to honor some special veterans, of the 4 legged kind.  

National K-9 Veterans Day is a holiday set aside to remember and honor the dogs who have served in the line of duty alongside human protectors.  The holiday encourages people to take notice of the work done by dogs serving in the United States armed services, in police departments and Sheriff's offices as well as other agencies.  

Alan, a 16 year old German Shepherd, is living out his golden years right here in the CSRA.  Alan is at home at Wine Creek German Shepherds where dogs are taught obedience, agility and search techniques.  Kim Tyler, Alan’s owner tells Newschannel 6 she applied  with Military Working Dogs Adoptions and after an extensive background check, was given the opportunity to adopt a former military dog.  Kim says, Alan came to the farm with some aggression issues but after a lot of love and training the Shepherd became adjusted to his new home on the farm in Plum Branch. 

Alan served 8 years in Afghanistan alongside soldiers as an explosive detection K-9.  Kim tells us, he was awarded several medals but were not told for what because of security reasons. Though blind and having a hard time getting around, Alan doesn’t turn down his favorite awards:  A nice walk outside, Hickory Hills milk and when his daddy, Mike, comes home for the day. 

Please help us at WJBF NewsChannel 6 give a virtual high five to Alan and thank him for his dedicated service to our country.


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