More women learning how to shoot in case they need to protect themselves

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - - Guns are one of the most popular gifts for women during Christmas, but wrapped with the pistol or rifle, you need to make sure there's training.

You definitely want to be ready if that time comes with the holidays being prime time for muggings. Many women feel safer with protection, but  it all comes down to making sure that you are comfortable and you have the right firearm.

NewsChannel 6 went to Shooters Indoor Range and Gun Shop in Augusta and met Addison Cooper.  She told us she is a perfect shooter.   

"It's actually my first day shooting a pistol," she said. 

Don't let that fool you though. The 17-year-old started hunting at 10-years-old.  Now, she can protect herself if needed. 

Cooper explained why having shooting lessons is important.  She said, "It's just a good thing to know in case you ever actually need to.  So, whenever I can I'm going to get my concealed weapons permit and carry one just in case."

Addison is not alone.  

As crimes rise, the number of women shooters is growing. 

NewsChannel 6's Renetta DuBose has even tried out a rifle or two in her spare time.  

Also training people locally is the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. 

Corporal Alice Quarterman runs the Citizens Firearms Classes. 

"Usually, it's about 70 percent of females in each class that we offer and we offer these classes twice a year."

Two clases, held in April and October each year, run about eight hours long. For $20 you a weapon to use, ammunition and lunch.  

And you only get better. 

Cpl. Quarterman told us, "Your proficiency level will increase the more you practice."

Gary Slater, Founder and CEO of Slater Tactical Solutions also trains. 

"Human trafficking is a large concern," he said.  "We know that there has been a rash of shootings in malls and public spaces."

Slater told us women make up 80 percent of his client base.   His lessons include three hours of instruction, ammunition, and targets.  All women need to do is leave the fear at home.

He added, "We're going to find the gun that fits their hand.  We're going to find the gun where the recoil is appropriate for them."  

"If you are in possession of a firearm and you're not sure how it works then you're putting yourself more in harms way to become a victim," Cpl. Quarterman added.

Slater also said the biggest danger in the wrong gun in a woman's hand is she just won't use it and she won't carry it. 

Click here to learn more about the Citizens Firearms Classes with Richmond County Sheriff's Office.  You have to be a Richmond County resident and at least 21-years-old. 

Slater Tactical Solutions Shooting Lessons are $125/person.  The package includes: 



Range Use

Safety Handout

3 Hours of Instruction

Schedule by email - gary@slatertacticalsolutions.com or call 706-726-0848.  You can also call Shooters at 706-860-7778.

Photojournalist: Troy Robinson

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