Marching for change: Dads commit to kids' education in Aiken school

AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF)-- - Dads all across the nation went back to elementary school today. It's national million fathers march day where dads show their support for education.

NewsChannel 6's Samantha Williams spent her morning at Second Baptist Christian Prep School in Aiken.

September 28th is Million Fathers March day, and more than 90 cities across the nation are celebrating father's roles in their kid's education. At Second Baptist Prep School, dozens of dads came out to show support for their kids.

It started with a march. Dad after dad, making a commitment to be a part of their children's education. After walking their loved one inside, fathers read books.

For those whose dads couldn't make it, they didn't miss out on story time. Second Baptist Christian Prep, just one of the hundreds of schools that is marching for change: "Third grade determines a child's educational success, economic stability and high school graduation rate. When you think about it, dads are the answer. They should definitely be involved in the schools," Chistopher Emanuel, father and PTO President told NewsChannel 6. 

Fathers were not the only males at the event. Uncles, grandparents and other rolemodels steppd up to the plate, too. 

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