Majority of power restored as utilities work to get others back up

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - - The storm came overnight in our area.  But the early morning hours did not impact emergency response times in the way that many may have thought that they would.  

NewsChannel 6 spoke with Evelyn DeVaughn just after the storm hit. 

"People were saying I was without power for 15 minutes or it was an hour maybe," she said of the swift restoration. 

The raging Rae's Creek no longer moves fast or out of its banks.  Fewer tree limbs dangle on power lines and the once blacked out traffic signals are slowly coming back online.  Crews hit the ground running early Thursday morning and throughout the day restoring power to thousands left in the dark by Tropical Storm Michael.

And the work continued into Friday making sure those who still needed electricity got it.

"The beginning of the storm we had about 9,000 members out of power.  Luckily, we've gotten that down to right around 600 people right now," said Jefferson Energy Cooperative Director of Public Relations Steve Chalker.

Jefferson Energy Cooperative spent day two of its restoration efforts in the Hephzibah-Blythe area. Chalker said the quick, day of the storm, response comes from the process of getting power back up. 

He said, "Every time you energize a line now, you're getting fewer customers on.  In the beginning, the main lines are out so when you energize those more people come on."

Despite the process, the immediacy of the crews working could be seen throughout the area too. And Chalker said it just took a little preparation. 

"As soon as we knew this was coming we started calling for help immediately," Chalker said.  "Other EMCs have to make sure their area is safe before they can come help us and they did that."

Chalker added majority of the members with Jefferson Energy Cooperative had their power restored the day of the storm.  In comparison to last year's storms, he said Michael was not as sever on power. 

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