Local religious group sounds off on non-violent protests

AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF) - In the wake of national protests against Justice Brett Kavanaugh,  a Hindu Augusta community is urging demonstrators to stay peaceful like Gandhi. 

Some people regard Hinduism as the oldest religion in the world and the most peaceful. Recently, the community celebrated Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary and discussed peaceful protesting in a polarizing time.

"What he represented, you know, peace and non-violence," said Hindu Temple Society Chairman Nandi Shetty.

Brett Kavanaugh is officially sworn into the supreme court
but, protests all across the country continue to erupt.

"The peace in a peaceful protest is the most important thing because what changes a peaceful protest to a mob is a very thin line," explained Shetty.

Many believe that thin line is being drawn between parties.

"I think people are losing their cool and I do not think any protest for that matter should be violent," said Netty.

At the celebration of Gandhi's birthday, the Hindu Temple Society in Augusta held an interfaith conference. 

Various religious leaders were there to discuss non-violence as a tool for peace. A tool that some regard Gandhi as the creator of.

Netty said, "The ideology and the theory which he promoted you know almost 70 years ago is still relevant and still used as one of the most important forms of protest."

Although for Shetty, the protests against Justice Kavanaugh are bigger than any political battle. 

He added, "One of the things which I like fundamentally about the U.S. Constitution is the separation of church and state. I think in the last 20 years that separation of church and state has grown more and more blurred. Whereas the state has gotten more into the church and the church has gotten more into the state."

The group is pushing for all people to agree and disagree as one united nation. 

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