Local couple celebrates 76 years of marriage, despite time and tragedy

AUGUSTA, Ga.(WJBF) - Many couples hope they get to their Golden Anniversary.

The couple you're about to meet surpassed 50 years and are still going strong.

Behind Charles and Margaret Moye's eyes are dozens and dozens of memories dating back to their marriage on July 17, 1941.

"As soon as we got married, I said 'Oh boy. I"ve hit the jackpot, now,'"said Margaret.

They've spent almost every day together but there was a time when they loved from afar.

Charlie, as Margaret calls him, went into the Navy, working on ships and working to save his fellow soldiers stuck at sea during World War II.

"Twenty months and twenty days," said Charles.

When he came back from the war...

" I kissed her...and told her I loved her," said Charles.

"I love you."

It's a phrase these two don't take lightly and something they say every day to one another.

"She says she loves me. I tell her I love her more. And that's the way it is," said Charles.

"When we get up. Before we see each other we blow a kiss to each other. I always blow a kiss," said Margaret.

Between the affirmations of love, Charlie and Margaret spent decades attending University of Georgia games and  travelling the world for 21 years.

They stayed married through thick and thin.

Some times were more thick than others.

Charlie and Margaret were victims in the Marshall Square Fire of 2015 in Evans that destroyed the retirement facility and everything the couple owned.

Luckily, they were able to save their wedding rings and pictures that their daughter kept in her home.

One of those pictures- their wedding photo which brings us to today.

Their secret to a successful marriage?

"No fighting," said Charles.

"Never have a fight or argue. We don't do that. We never have," said Margaret.

Tuesday, the couple will officially celebrate their anniversary and move into a new home, creating more memories.

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