Kinderneers build garden boxes

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - These kinderneers have spent the last four weeks designing their garden boxes. Martinez Elementary partnered with R.W. Allen to bring the boxes to life. Giving the kids a chance to  be apart of the building by screwing the boxes together.

"They've been recording in their stem journals and they've been talking with each other about what they are going to put in it, so they're ready for the next step. They are looking forward to the future with this," says Valery Deinkins the  kindergarten teacher.

The garden boxes are apart of the STEM certification initiative for each grade level.  
At this level they learn the importance of bringing farm to the table  to help them better understand where food comes from.

"And i think we're going to grow lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, and pumpkins."

From learning about garden boxes in kindergarten to patio size gardens in the first grade. These topics all go hand in hand as the students move through each grade level. The higher the grade level..The more detailed the STEM learning concept gets for the students. The principal tells us this project has a big impact on these small lives.

"Learning goes on in the classroom but the impact  of hands on life time experiences that these kids are receiving today, their irreplaceable," says Wade White the Principal at Martinez Elementary.

The program is just one example of the ongoing partnerships at Martinez Elementary school in  efforts to attain STEM certification. 

The president of R.W. Allen says a children are always interested and curious, so it's never to early to let them experience things for themselves.

" At this age or even earlier  in their life they had building blocks and everything else. so from a construction industry standpoint it's time for us to really engage the kids at a younger age," says Scott Clark. 

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