Harrisburg farmers market back up and running for the season

Augusta, GA (WJBF) - The Veggie Park Farmers Market is back for it's 5th year! 

Local growers bring their in-season crops to sell in the Harrisburg neighborhood. You can find the market underneath the green pavilion that sits along the Augusta Canal Trail behind the Kroc Center. 

The Veggie Park Farmers Market happens Tuesday from 4:30P to 7:00P in April to October. 

For those of you who are members of Georgia's SNAP program, they accept EBT. Even better than that, they will double your EBT credits. For example, if you come with 20 EBT credits, the Veggie Park will give you 40 EBT credits worth of food. They explain to NewsChannel 6 that they are able to do this thanks to grant money. 

There are a handful of convenience stores in Harrisburg and neighboring downtown Augusta; however, there are no grocery stores nearby making fruits and veggies hard to come by.

Local farmers like Sam and Loretta Adderson explain that they come to this farmers market to support the community. They grow organic crops on their farm in between Waynesboro and Wrens. They enjoy helping people eat healthy at a lower cost than what they would pay for organic food in the store. 

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