Growing bipartisan support for changing Calhoun Expressway name

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) - As the grass grows on the Calhoun Expressway so do the voices to change it's name, even as some argue you can't change history. 

"That's absolutely correct you can't change history, we can choose, who we highlight on the entrance to the heart of our city," said Paul Sterett who was defeated in May for the 6th District Commission seat.

Paul Sterett wants to change the name of the Calhoun Expressway, an idea shared by Commissioner Bill Fennoy, to  Charlie Norwood Veterans Expressway

"John C. Calhoun never lived in Richmond County, never lived in the state of Georgia, and I'm all about honoring people who have done something for the state of Georgia and done something for Augusta, Georgia," says Fennoy. 

Sterett is no liberal Democrat, he just stepped down as the chair of the Richmond County Republican Party.

He says Norwood helped saved Fort Gordon, so without him there's no cyber command and no downtown cyber center.

"It's relevant and he's very tied to the success our city has," says Sterett. 

"Republicans and Democrats could work together on some issues that's going to have a positive impact the community," says Commissioner Fennoy.

Augusta Commissioners can't change the name of  the expressway themselves, but six votes would approve petitioning the state legislature to do it. as voices across the political spectrum  are joining the call to make that happen. 

 "I don't really see a substantial argument against the name change from a conservative Republican stand point particularly when it is the right thing to do," says Sterett.

"What I'm looking for is ten votes I think my colleagues   eventually are going to come around," says Fennoy.

Fennoy says another attempt to request state lawmakers change the name will be back before commissioners again, he says he would like to see Charlie Norwood Veterans Expressway approved before the end of the year. 

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