Georgia Scott, 101, dies in Belvedere house fire

BELVEDERE, S.C. (WJBF) — "She's always been a pillar in the community," Alex Kenner told NewsChannel 6's Shawn Cabbagestalk when asked about his aunt, Georgia Scott.

She lived in the Belvedere/North Augusta area. "She was 101 she'll be 102 in November," Kenner added.

Scott has seen a lot in the past century. "She was always assertive and trying to take care of her own life," Kenner said.

The former teacher in Edgefield and McCormick Counties passed away following a fire at her Belvedere home late Wednesday night.  Kenner found out about it early Thursday morning.  "I found out about it this morning on NewsChannel 6," he added.

What's left inside the home is charred remains from a long life including photos, newspaper clippings, and other odds and ends. "I'm just sorry, sorry what happened," Kenner stated.

One of eight children, she was raised on her family's farm in Clarks Hill, South Carolina. "She was very knowledgeable about the community and she always tried to help people," Kenner recalls.

Graduating from Walker Baptist Institution, Benedict College, and South Carolina State College. 

"She taught me 1st grade through 5th grade," Ellen Langford recalls. 

Langford is one of the many children Scott cared for. "She taught life.  How to live. Love everybody and do good," Langford remembers. 

It was all apart of caring for the community she helped raise.

"She gave scholarships to students in the community," Kenner said. "I believe she had about 16 -thousand dollars scholarships she gave to people," he added. 

Now those she touched are deeply saddened about the end. "I've seen so many things down through the years, from her — that she had taught me in school," Langford said.

"Regardless of where we go, or what we do, when she would see me, she would look at me, and say 'this is my product.' I was glad to see that beautiful smile on her face instead of discontentment. She must have been pleased with something she saw in me," Langford added.

But now they're at peace.

"It brings tears to my eyes but they're tears of joy," Langford stated. "She was a good woman," she added. 

Right now, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. 

Georgia Scott, 101, dies in Belvedere house fire

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