Game Management investigating bear sighting in Thomson

Game Management is investigating a bear sighting in Thomson.
Veronica D'Antignac-Gamble tells NewsChannel 6 that she caught the bear on camera wandering outside her house, Thursday night.
She also found several bear paw prints around her home.
D'Antignac-Gamble says she installed the cameras about a month ago because she has $1,800 worth of unexplained damage to her car.
She says for the past few months, she's been hearing noises outside her home late at night that would wake her up in a panic.
D'Antignac-Gamble said she thought it was someone trying to break into her house.
But instead of a burglar, it was a curious bear with a big appetite.
All of the plums, persimmons and figs have been eaten off of her trees.
The homeowner says she's thankful the bear is friendly, since she leaves early in the morning for work.
She tells us she is naming him, "Yogi."
No word on if the bear has been caught.
NewsChannel 6 spoke with the local DNR and a representative tells us they don't plan to capture the young bear.
They encourage homeowners to secure their trash cans, limit outdoor food at night for pets and do not try to confront the bear.
DNR says the bear doesn't pose a threat if it's left alone.

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