Former superintendent of SAIL fired, accused of altering contract

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) - Many parents who send children here to SAIL are upset about the recent shake-up regarding leadership.

They're looking for answers and some may be found in a Columbia County incident report.

NewsChannel 6 first told you last week that Kristy Zgol was replaced as superintendent by interim Superintendent Ken Prescott.

It happened at a recent called meeting where two other board members, including Mark Boyd were removed.

Parents say they were left in the dark when it came to the changes.

Now, a recent incident may shed some light on the subject.

According to an incident report, Zgol is accused of altering her contract, using a computer at SAIL to do it.

It alleges she had help altering it from Boyd.

The report, filed by current board member James Burnley, accused Boyd of back-dating, notarizing and placing a seal on the altered contract.

The incident report states SAIL has retained video surveillance and all paperwork relating to the incident.

"Allegedly this occurred on the 27th of September, discovered last Thursday, reported to us on Friday and it was assigned to an investigator this morning," said Columbia County Major Steve Morris

Parents are demanding answers from the board regarding Zgol's removal.

NewsChannel 6 reached out to several SAIL parents but many say they're afraid to go on camera.

While they didn't show they're faces, they shared information, stating they don't believe the allegations against Zgol and believe she was wrongfully terminated under the school's by-laws.

As far as the investigation into Zgol and Boyd...the sheriff's office says it's in the early stages.

"The investigator will conduct a comprehensive investigation to determine what, if any, laws were broken," said Morris.

NewsChannel 6's Ashley Campbell spoke with Zgol about the allegations over the phone.

She says they are completely false and is saddened by the situation.

She couldn't comment further, per her attorney.

If the investigation leads to an arrest-

"As far as penalties and fines, on the altered identification document, if that occurred, that carries up to a $50,000 fine and 15 years confinement. Those are the maximums. On the computer trespass, that will be a misdemeanor," said Morris.

We have reached out to several board members and have not heard back from them.

To read the full incident report CLICK HERE.

NewsChannel 6 will continue to keep you updated.


Original article below:

The superintendent of School for Arts-Infused Learning is accused of altering her contract, according to a Columbia County incident report.

NewsChannel 6 first reported last week that former superintendent  Kristy Zgol was replaced by interim-superintendent Ken Prescott.

An incident report alleges that on September 27, Zgol and another person conspired to have her contract sent to her from a computer at the school so she could change information on it.

Allegedly, a generic contract was also sent to Zgol by an unknown person.

On October 4, board member James Burnley says Zgol and Cheryl Salter arrived at the reception desk of the school to meet Mark Boyd.

Burnley also says Boyd put a back date of 7/12/18, notarized and placed a seal on the altered contract.

SAIL says it will prosecute.

Boyd was voted off the board at a recent meeting.

NewsChannel 6 spoke with Zgol over the phone regarding this allegation.

Zgol denies the claim and said she is saddened by this event.

Zgol then said she could not comment further.

To read the full incident report CLICK HERE.

Stay with NewsChannel 6 as this story develops.

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