Fight at Josey sparks concern from parents

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - - A brawl between students at one local school caused some concerned parents to question school administration. 

We confirmed with the Richmond County Board of Education that a fight did break out  at T.W Josey Comprehensive High School on Tuesday.  A spokesman said the incident started off school grounds and the students chose to bring the fight into the school.  But we spoke with concerned parents, anonymously, about what they said is a bigger problem.

"The administration is not playing the role that they need to play," said one father of a daughter at Josey.

That parent, who chose not to be recognized for this story, said it's the second brawl to happen in a week so he's pointing to the school administration. 

"They need to find some kind of resolution, some kind of remedy to fix the problem.  Right now, it's put them out or just don't deal with it. Wash your hands of it," he explained.

Longtime Josey parent Monique Braswell said she was at Josey when the fight broke out.  She said it was between girls and it could have been a lot worse. 

"There was no knives, there was no guns, there was no bats. We're losing kids left and right.  Does it make it right?  Heck no.  It was a fight.  It should have never happened.  When girls fight, that's what they do.  They shouldn't have been fighting."

Richmond County BOE's spokesman confirmed all students involved are facing discipline. 

Photojournalist: Gary Hipps


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