Federal employees sound off at a government shutdown rally

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - The government shutdown is entering its fifth week. The longest shutdown in American history. This is leaving some federal workers in the CSRA on edge.

Local chapter 2017 Fort Gordon president of the American Federation of Government Employees Ceretta Smith said, "No one expects to go to work and not get paid."

Its been a while since some federal employees received a paycheck.

"We haven't been paid since December 29th," said TSA employee Octavius Miller.

The current situation in Washington D.C. is leaving some federal workers to find other sources of income.

Miller said, "Its the reality. Most of us do live paycheck to paycheck. I've even taken out a loan during the shutdown to make sure I could handle the things I needed to handle and those funds are almost gone so it's definitely affected me financially more than anything else."

People rallied at Augusta Regional Airport on Saturday.  

"Let's see where everybody stands on the issue and we'll know what we need to do," said Miller.

 Miller spoke of border security. 

He said, "Anybody whose desperate enough to get to this country, trust me, a steel barrier is not going to stop them."

"I don't care about the wall right now. I care about border security. I do believe our borders need to be secured. I don't believe that the federal government employees need to be pawns and held hostage in a feud over a wall," added Smith.

Some say they just want to be appreciated for the jobs they do. 

"they deem our job as something that can't be done without yet we can go without a paycheck so it does kind of remind you of modern slavery," said Miller.

Smith explained, "It's about making sure that our brothers and sisters are getting paid so they can take care of themselves and fulfill what this country promised them is the American dream."

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