Despite recommendations from directors commissioners still not sold on streetlight fix

Augusta,Ga (WJBF) -
There are at least   25 thousand street lights in Augusta, and it seems that many reasons why Augusta Commissioners do not support   raising fee's to operate them. 

"When you have people who have already had increases I think we owe it to them to one try and cut costs try and find the money and not just hit them again with another fee increase," says Commissioner Sean Frantom. 

But that's what Finance officials and the administrator have been pushing for months,increase revenues to cover the cost and  pay down a one point two million dollar debt in the fund. 

"Special revenue funds are suppose to take care of themselves and to the extent they don't we're not incompliance with what we should be doing in terms of financial management as a local government," says City Administrator Janice Allen Jackson. 

A motion to increase fees failed Tuesday despite urgent recommendations from both the Finance Director  and Administrator, 

"What about the department heads saying they really need this done now?" 

"I can understand the department heads recommendations on that I respect my department heads but on this one I can't follow the lead  on it," says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle. 

 "I try to listen to my finance people and I think they're the experts in this I'm certainly not but I got common sense I know if this is something that that important we should have been working on it," says Commissioner Marion Williams. 

"I do agree the program needs to be looked at and something needs to be changed and altered in these fees but I haven't seen the right solution just yet," says Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis. 

"We got to move forward I just don't think at this moment we ought to hit taxpayers again with a fee," said Commissioner Frantom. 

Again Finance Officals say to keep the shortfall from hitting two million dollars fee increases need to be approved this year but the time to get them on the tax bills is almost out, so the rate increase will go back before commissioners for a final try next week

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