DDA meets with commissioners to push depot project

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) - The Downtown Development Authority is making a pitch to save the depot project.

DDA board members have met with all commissioners, one at a time, to clear up misunderstandings about the development. 

Last month, commissioners approved $14 million dollars in funding for the project but only if the developer guaranteed to build all of it, not just the first  phase. 

Commissioners say the purpose of the meetings were to reduce their concerns over moving forward.

"In the meeting, it was guaranteed that phase two of the project would be done, and if they explained it and laid it out as guaranteed as phase two, I could be adjustable in that area. But we want to insure that all the project is completed. Without the whole project, it could damage the city financially," said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

The plan is for a $93 million dollar mixed use development that would include apartments. shops and stores at the depot. The second phase would include office space or more housing. 

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