Community continues to demand answers in case of electrocution death of child

Augusta, GA (WJBF) - There are still many unanswered questions as to how a city park fence electrocuted a child. This week, activists reached out to NewsChannel 6 to share why they still demand answers.

Many still want justice for Melquan Robinson, the 12-year-old boy who died after he touched a fence at Fleming Park in Augusta in October of 2018. Exactly how it happened is still a mystery since city leaders have not provided the investigation results.

NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Osborne talked to a group of local activists who shared how they plan to continue to fight for Melquan and the others involved.

There are many who want to know what caused the fence at Fleming Park to be charged with enough electricity to kill a 12-year-old. Robinson died 12 weeks ago. The city says they conducted an investigation. City leaders have not released the results yet and many in the community, including Melquan’s family, say they have waited long enough.

“Don't leave us in the dark,” Pastor Angela Harden says. “12 weeks, 3 months and still no answers. It's unacceptable. As a community, as a family, we all deserve better than that because Melquan could have been our baby.

Pastor Angela Harden says Melquan’s family is a part of her church, First Dayspring Baptist where Dr. Willie R. Rivers is the lead Reverend. Reverend Rivers and Pastor Harden talked with NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Osborne at the spot where Melquan died on October 15th.

“We have lost a young man with a lot of potential,” Rev. Dr. Rivers said. “What are we going to do about that other than let it just vanish or go into nowhere? Can our children come to a park and play without having to worry about dangers that are unseen?”

Rev. Dr. Rivers explains why he and Pastor Harden reached out to NewsChannel 6 to keep this story on the forefront of the public mind.

“It’s in the Bible. It says we who are ministers, we who are Christians, we need to cry out for things that are wrong,” he says. “We cannot just let things exist and then have the powers that be to not be accountable for those things.”

They are asking the community to join them on Tuesday January 15th at 1:30P at the Augusta commission meeting at the municipal building on Telfair Street downtown.

“We've already asked to be placed on the agenda for the commissioners meeting,” Pastor Harden says. “We've done it properly and we've done it in order. Let's stand together and let's be the voice for Melquan who has no voice.”

NewsChannel 6 reached out to the City of Augusta city for an update. They tell us what the investigation is uncovering is being treated as “attorney work product” they say that it is “protected from public release” at this time because the case is being treated as “potential litigation.”

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