Augusta Commissioner not in support of higher streetlight fees

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) - Augusta leaders are debating how to get the cost of operating streetlights out of the dark. 

The city is facing a more than one million dollar shortfall in its street light budget.

A subcommittee is recommending increasing fees to about 100 dollars for all customers.

But some commissioners say the city should find a way to save money by re-negotiating with the power companies instead of raising rates. 

"When a rate increase happens for Augusta, Richmond County, it hits my pocket just like it hits the individual taxpayer out there. So, famous words of Bill Clinton, I feel their pain. I want to make sure that none of us pay any more than we absolutely have to," says Commissioner Andrew Jefferson. 

City leaders are looking at two different proposals for street lights both are calling for fee increases of about 100 dollars for most property owners, and to implement those increases on this year's tax bills. 

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