Commissioner-elect says comments appalling

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) - Brandon Garrett is waiting his time to take over as the new District 8 commissioner but says what he witnessed Tuesday in the commission chambers was shameful.

"What happened yesterday and the words that were said from the dais...it was embarrassing for Augusta," said Garrett. 

The words from Commissioner Bill Fennoy, who was opposing John Clarke's appointment to the board, and quoted an old racist Facebook post from Clarke...

"Don't want to be called ni#@$ they shouldn't act like ni@#$," said Fennoy. 

Garrett heard it with his two young sons. 

"I couldn't cover both of my children ears up quick enough I was just appalled," said Garrett. 

Fennoy is attending a conference out of town  but defended his statements saying. "If my colleagues were ashamed of the posting on Facebook I would not have had to make the comments." 

Garrett says after the meeting he confronted Fennoy about what he said. 

"I expressed my children were there, they shouldn't have to hear that, and his reaction was he can't forgive John," said Garrett. 

"Voices were raised?"

"They were you raised," said Garrett

We've heard there is talk of commissioners censuring Fennoy for the use of the words. 

"I wouldn't support any action on Commissioner Fennoy, I think Commissioner Fennoy will have to stand for himself," said Commissioner Marion Williams. 

"I don't think the censure thing would do anything but stir up more controversy," said Garrett. 

There's plenty of that right now in Augusta

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