Columbia County libraries allowing people to check out guitars with their books

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga.(WJBF) - It's a sound you wouldn't expect to hear in your local library.

But, Wednesday, instead of just checking out books, people will be able to check out guitars at Columbia County libraries.

They were donated by Kids Rock the Nation, a non-profit organization aimed to build self-esteem and brain power through music and the Augusta Blues Company.

"The next thing we knew, we had ten guitars here where kids can come to guitar class, check them out and practice while they're at home," said Library Manager Mary Lin Manor.

In a new school era filled with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, it leaves little room for the arts within the public school system.

Young Adult Librarian Micah Newsome hopes this gives teens an opportunity to have more music at their fingertips.

"Standardized testing seems to be a real big focus. It takes time away from arts and music. We can't give that to every teen but we can make it available for every teen," said Newsome.

Right now, the library only offers classes for teens and adults a few times a month. That leaves room for a lot of wasted practice time.

"It's really hard to make any progress if you're only coming in every couple of weeks to learn how to play. If you don't have an instrument at home, it's really hard to progress," said Newsome.

Checking out the guitars and accessing the library's 24/7 musical instrument instruction online will give teens a chance to find out if the guitar is something they'd like to pursue.

"Many parents have had that experience of buying a guitar and it sits in the closet," said Newsome.

There will be six guitars at the Columbia County library in Evans, two at Euchee Creek and two at the the library in Harlem.

The guitar is treated like a book so if you damage or lose it, you'll have to pay a fine.


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