Columbia County finalizes Evans Towne Center Urban Design Plan

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) - As construction continues on The Plaza area of Evans, new plans are final.

The Evans Towne Center Urban Design Plan spans miles.

"In light of The Plaza, in light of Evans Towne Center Park and Lady A amphitheatre, what else do we need to include," asked Planning Director Andrew Strickland.

The plans don't come without a lot of public input- such as what kind of living spaces and shopping atmosphere would most appeal to people living in and moving to Columbia County.

"We heard from folks who completed a survey, we had a couple of public meetings as well and a two day design session," said Strickland.

Lester Jackson just moved to Columbia County from New Orleans.

Jackson says he knows all about distinction and uniqueness in a city.

"Just to have the diversity in different dining experiences wouldn't be a bad thing at all," said Jackson.

Jackson says the new plans that involve single family homes, boutique-style shops and mom and pop restaurants sound appealing.

"We just like anything that is genuine, good fun where you miss not being there. Like, there's no other place like that," said Jackson.

Which is what leaders say they're aiming for as they move one step closer to Evans having it's own downtown.

The plans will be presented to Columbia County county leaders at tomorrow night's commission meeting.

If you'd like to see the entire plan, head to https://evanstownecenter.com.

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