Columbia County Chair candidates back on the campaign trail ahead of July 24th run-off election

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga.(WJBF) - You may be feeling voter fatigue after the recent primary but both Columbia County commission chair candidates are busy making sure you vote next month.

Candidates Doug Duncan and Pam Tucker are in a run-off for the position- each working to keep votes and earn them. Duncan says he's been campaigning since the primary on May 22.

"We started the next day. I was making phone calls to supporters and we were emailing, staying on Facebook and communicating. So, we never stopped," said Duncan.

Tucker  took a small break to spend time with family and has now jumped back on the campaign trail.

"We've just tried to work on things behind the scenes, new radio spots, and speaking to groups, I have a lot of speaking engagements," said Tucker.

Ashley Campbell got the election results from the May 22 Primary, which are broken down into categories.

It shows that Tucker got the highest percentage of absentee and advanced votes.

"I got to see how people voted, precinct by precinct and I actually won 60 percent of the precincts," said Tucker.

"Whoever gets the most votes wins, so this precinct versus that precinct..it's really all about a county wide vote," Duncan.

Duncan was the top vote getter with 47 percent of the vote, three percent more than Tucker's 44.  

Each candidate hopes the votes that went to former candidate Mark Herbert-- who is not in the runoff--  will come their way.

"Hopefully Mark's endorsement of me right after that election will help sway those voters my way," said Duncan.

"I hope those voters will come and see where I, just like Mark, saw that there was a tremendous need for change in this county," said Tucker.

We'll find out what voters want July 24th.

The board of Elections is hoping to get more people out to vote.

Only 22 percent of Columbia County residents voted in the primary.

Executive Director Nancy Gay says there are some things you need to know before you head to the polls.

"Which ever party you voted for in the primary, you have to vote for in the run-off so if you voted Republican, you vote Republican in the run-off, if you voted Democratic, you vote democratic in the run-off. If you voted non-partisan or did not vote at all but were eligible, you will be able to participate in the July 24 run off," said Board of Elections Executive Director Nancy Gay.

Advanced voting is July 2nd through the 20th.

You can only vote at building G-3 off Ronald Reagan Drive.

For an absentee ballot, head to https://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/MVP/mvp.do

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