Columbia County 54th Annual Parade

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - It's a time where families and the community come together to celebrate the holiday season.

Sheriff Clay Whittle decided to make some safety changes for the parade this year, causing some people to get upset about his decision.

"We've had complaints from people in the public of children darting out in the road and it's out of concern from the public when they tell us that. and we witnessed it ourselves. Kids are kids."

He says using the barriers for safety has been a topic of discussion for three years. Some agree with it but others do not.

"I like them, it makes it easier to make sure your kid doesn't run to the middle of the road. Take your eyes off of them for one second and they're gone."

And for that same reason Sheriff Whittle says the safety barriers are necessary. 

"We're simply trying to make sure we do our du diligence  prevent a tragedy  from happening."

Meanwhile the kids who attend the parade weren't bothered by the barriers. Instead they used it to add some more inches to their height and for some parents it granted them a piece of mind.

"We've had dozens of people in Columbia county sending us messages thanking us for being proactive and protecting their children."

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