City leaders want to begin process to increase street light fees

AUGUSTA. Ga (WJBF) - Augusta leaders are taking about raising street light fee's but not by how much.

Commissioners were scheduled to take up the fees at Tuesday afternoons meeting.

A subcommittee is recommending a fee increase to make up a more than one million dollar shortfall in the street light budget.

However Tuesday's discussion wasn't about raising fees, only beginning the process to make it happen. 

"In order to amend an ordinance in Augusta, it's a two part process. The first part is you have to ask the commission for permission to even begin the process of staff looking at the ordinance and drafting revisions," says Traffic Engineer John Ussery, whose department is in charge of street lights. 

The street light subcommittee is scheduled to meet again next week, the group is looking at two proposals that would raise fees on home owners to about 100 dollars a year. 

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