Barnwell County leaders approve construction of a new Multi-purpose arena

BARNWELL, S.C. (WJBF) - If you live in Barnwell County then you might've heard about the plans to build a new multi-purpose arena. Council members unanimously approved the project at a council meeting on April 10th. 

The new Arena will cost $2 million dollars to fund, however, County Councilman Jerry says they aren't looking to go the taxpayer route to fund the project.


"We're attempting this with private funds. The county doesn't have the funds to come out of taxes and we're not trying to put a burden on the taxpayer," Creech said. 

They are currently accepting private donations that will go towards purchasing the land and the industrial drawings for the new arena. So far County leaders have already raised 15,000 towards the project. After the land is purchased it will have to be cleared along with an environmental study before construction can begin. 

The County estimates it will take about four years to complete. 


If you would like to make a donation you can send a check to Barnwell County/ Arena made payable to

Debbie Fickling  57 Wall Street, Barnwell, S.C. 29812. 

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