Ban the box still not policy

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) - It's been almost two years since Augusta commissioners approved  "ban the box," but those convicted of crimes are still not getting help finding city jobs. 

Ban the box eliminates the criminal history check box on employment applications to prevent those looking for a city job from being immediately eliminated for a felony conviction. 

Though commissioners approved the proposal they never changed the old city ordinance, preventing ban the box from being put into use. 

"We didn't attach an ordinance to it or we didn't rescind the standing ordinance. As a result of that, in essence, it hasn't changed anything. So we're moving forward now to put a policy in place and rescind the current ordinance that doesn't allow us to give people a second chance," said Commissioner Ben Hasan. 

A commission committee this afternoon failed to approve changing the city ordinance, so the ban box proposal will go to the full commission without a recommendation.

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