Augusta unveiling cyber center parking deck and Riverwalk extension

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - Today Augusta celebrates the completion of two new features at the Georgia Cyber Center. The Hull McKnight building opened just five months ago, making the Garden City a leader in cyber security. 

We've seen it under construction for month, and now it's finally opening. The Georgia Cyber Center's parking garage is bringing 750 new parking spaces downtown. 

The $100 million Cyber Center is the largest investment to date in cyber security by a state government. 
The brand-new parking garage is costing the city $16.5 million. During work hours, cyber workers, students and visitors will occupy the spaces. After hours and on weekends, people can pay $7 to park. 

Another project added to the downtown landscape: The Riverwalk extension. You can now walk from the Morris Museum to 13th Street. The state footed the $1 million bill to extend the trail from 10th Street to the 13th Street bridge. 

"One of the things that the state promised us as part of this project was to bring enhancements to our community . Our riverwalk kind if stopped in a halt. Now it extends all the way down to 13th Street past the cyber center," City Administrator Janice Jackson told NewsChannel 6.

Augusta will get the money collected from the parking deck. 

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