Augusta museum has plans to expand James Brown exhibit

James Brown was the hardest working man in show business, and some in Augusta are now working hard to honor his legacy.

"The legacy needs to be bigger, yes. He had a major impact on the music industry during his lifetime," said Nancy Glaser Executive Director of the Augusta Museum of History. 

That's what's behind Augusta Commissioner Marion Williams's idea of tearing down the old Regency Mall and building in it's place a massive James Brown Museum, 

"This whole site would be for a James Brown Museum. There's that much potential here to build a James Brown Museum of that magnitude," said Commissioner Williams. 

"It just makes more sense to me to have that presence down here and and expand what we already have," said Glaser. 

It's being called, the James Brown wing project  and would triple the space of the current  James Brown Exhibit at the museum and be the home for JAMP, the James Brown Music Academy. 

To draw more attention the wing would expand the museum footprint to some nearby buildings on Broad Street.

"He needs a presence on Broad Street besides his statue and this would provide it. If we are able if we are able to get this property," said Glaser. 

"I'm talking about building a huge museum. I'm not talking about a wing. I can put a wing onto my house. I'm not talking about a wing, I'm talking about a huge museum for James Brown himself," said Commissioner Williams. 

"It's more than a wing, it really is. It's a center. It will be a center devoted to Mister Brown and the JAMP program," Glaser said. 

The ultimate fate of either project will come down to finding the funding, most likely from the commission and then voters in the form of sales tax dollars.

Neither Commissioner Williams nor Director Glaser would share a budget for their projects, but Glaser says he has support of the Brown family for her James Brown Wing project downtown. 

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