American Red Cross of Augusta will have volunteers in cities where Hurricane Michael destroyed

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - Mike Kimball, the disaster program manager at the American Red Cross of Augusta, says they've gotten about 17 calls of reported damages in their region.

Not only will they help out those families, but also the families in other parts of Georgia and Florida. 

"There are hundreds if not thousands of homes in both states that have been destroyed," explained Kimball.

That means all the people who lived in those homes felt the effects of Hurricane Michael. Now the American Red Cross of Augusta is lending a helping hand.

The trail of damage the storm left behind has the national organization stepping in as well. 

"The damage assessment teams have to go to every house to do that damage," said Kimball. "Once we get those numbers they are going to be pushed up to our leadership; then they will make the determination what kind of assistance we can give the families."

One family on the list is right here in Columbia County. The homeowner, who chooses not to go on camera, tells me she and her kids were sleeping.

They were woken up by two trees falling on their home, causing their roof to collapse. Now she is staying with a neighbor until her house is repaired.

"We do have a few damage reports here, but the people are staying with a few friends or relatives, said Kimball. "So we're going to be assisting their needs over the next few days."

The disaster program manager adds they have volunteers ready to be deployed where ever they're needed.

He says the process to get everyone back on their feet is going to take a while.

"It's going to depend on how quickly damage assessment gets done. I know there was a tremendous amount of damage south of Albany. Hundreds if not thousands of homes were destroyed down there. once again we gotta get eyes on every one of those houses before we make that kind of assessment."

The American Red Cross of Augusta will have volunteers in different cities where Hurricane Michael did the most damage starting Monday. 

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