Allendale County Emergency personnel training for the worst

ALLENDALE COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) - Allendale County Emergency personnel are training for the worst while hoping for the best. Several agencies participated in a full-scale exercise drill Wednesday, November 15.

While the location is not being released for safety concerns, the team of seven groups worked to "stabilize" 12 patients who were injured and four killed. One of the patients was flowed out of the area in a helicopter while the other 11 went to a local facility.

"We do our exercises and drills in this county yearly so we can test out capabilities and see what we need to improve on and see if we need to buy any additional equipment to work within the County," Allendale County Emergency Management Director Gidget Stanley-Banks said. "Today's exercise, I think went very well.  We do have some points that we need to improve on.  We'll get with everybody and talk," she added.

The next exercise is scheduled for 2019. 

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